Daytime Dreamer

After celebrating his 2012 Grammy-winning ECHOES OF LOVE, Omar softens the mood to serenade us with the romantic melodies of DAYTIME DREAMER. Featuring six brand new tracks and five previously released selections, the familiar splashes of Omar’s sig... read more

Opal Fire

Exotic flavors are woven together brilliantly on songs with haunting melodies which take flight and soar with expansive orchestrations and passionate rhythms. And in more soothing moments, Opal Fire is equally amazing in its ability to evoke an emotional ... read more

Free As A Bird

Poised to break into the elite upper echelon of contemporary instrumental artists with Free as a Bird, Omar has created music laden with rich influences from his travels worldwide. Sumptuous romantic melodies, worldly textures and exotic rhythms, this alb... read more

Old News

MTC live on the web June, 2010 Omar is in the studio working on his new album with producer Gregg Karukas. More updates coming soon! January 9, 2008 Click here to check out a clip from Omar’s performance at the Derby in Hollywood with special guest ... read more

Omar Akram on MTC Television

Omar Akram on MTC Television June 16, 2010 Omar will be featured on Melli TV also know as MTC, this Wednesday June 16, 2010 at 8pm (PT). This is Iranian TV being broadcast worldwide. The show is called “pop talk”, it’s in English. It wil... read more

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